No more monkeys in our bed

As I have mentioned in past posts, we have had “J” co-sleeping in our bed. Which has been nice on occasion, we can sleep in longer. “J” just would wake up, find the remote on the side table, and turn on cartoons (I know, a 2-year-old shouldn’t watch tv, let alone being able to turn on the tv to his cartoons- I need sleep so I have energy or I would be on a coffee drip all day). “E” has also been in a pack-n-play next to our bed. So Husband and I have shared our bed/room with our two monkeys.

This has been okay BUT after a few months, we want to actually talk in normal voices and watch late night news before bed.  So we have been prepping “J”s room to make it a ‘big boy’ room complete with a queen size mattress on the floor (so no waking due to falling out of bed), a fish tank with 30 or so fish (white noise and morning entertainment), an oversized chair for reading books, glow in the dark stars and planets on the ceiling for wind down bed time, and a blanket/teddy bear lovey.

So I buckled down right when we got back from our trip. “E” transitioned easily into his crib in his room (he slept through the night before so different bed really made no difference). “J” had one awful- I mean awful night. I put “E” to bed, then read 5 books to “J”, turned off the light and pointed out the stars, gave him a kiss, told him I loved him and walked out the door. The crying started as soon as I turned off the light. It was so bad he would start coughing due to lack of air. My heart was breaking. I went in every 5 minutes to put him back in his bed and tell him I loved him but he needed to sleep in his own big boy bed. This went on for an hour. Finally I went in and didn’t say a word or look at his eyes- I just pointed at the bed. “J” went to lay down and continued crying, but 2 minutes later it went silent. Sleep had finally won….at least until midnight. I repeated the point with no spoken words. And again at 4am. And finally at 6:30a I allowed him to get up and go downstairs for breakfast.

But after this awful night of crying and power struggles, the next night came with only a minute or so of crying then quiet. And it was like “J” tested me at 2 am to see if I would give in, but I didn’t do anything but point. Now it seems the new routine has been accepted as that is the way it is. “J” goes to bed in his own bed after 4 books (toddler-very short-books), I give his a kiss, tell him I love him as I turn off the light and walk out…and last night there wasn’t even a peep of a cry!

Our king size bed-which was starting to feel crowded- now feels huge with no more monkeys. YEAH!! So nice. I will miss the cuddles mid night, but it was time to let “J” have his own space.

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