Reading Nook

Being in a rental means limitations on how personalized you really can make a space. We have been trying to make “J”s room most comfortable and personalized as we can- so encourage sleeping in his own room. “J” loves his fish tank and wants to feed them every morning. The stars are pointed out every night. But the reading corner just kinda was blah. So I introduced a tree….

This tree is not paint. It is actually brown felt adhered to the wall via…wait for it…laudry startch! I learned that you can adhere fabric to the walls here  and it will come off with no problems with landlord.

It attempts to build in a little learning too- I put the tree up as “winter” tree (we live in central valley of CA so winter means bare trees- no snow). It seemed though after I put it up, that it is actually closer to spring and summer. While “E” napped yesterday, I put up leaves. I think it looks even better and more homey now.

“J” loves pulling the leaves down and showing them to me or “E” and then putting them back up again.


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