It’s kinda a funny story

Today while I was cleaning the kitchen, I failed to notice when “J” went from the living room to playing upstairs (I know I should notice and he might have fallen down the stairs, but I count my blessing that he didn’t). I finished up the scrubbing and took “E” to check on “J”. When I reached the gate at the top, I noticed it was closed and latched so J must have slammed gate after he went though. I also found all the doors shut; I called J’s name but he didn’t answer. So I went door to door searching for him. Not in his or E’s room;not in my room; not in either bathroom…..CRAP! I heart dropped. How did I lose my son? He didn’t go out in backyard because he would have asked me to open the door.
Crap, crap, crap. Where is he?
The only door left…the hallway linen closet. He couldn’t be, could he?! I slowly opened the door….
Out fell J! He had apparently hid there when I called out from downstairs mid-cleaning (to my defense I heard giggling so I assumed he was fine). He then must have shut the door but couldn’t twist handle to get back out; and then proceeded to fall asleep for a nap!
Thank goodness he was ok…it made for a funny story now after the fact.


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