“J” loves trains. Cancel that- “J” is obsessed with trains. Pretty much ever since we when to the train museum in Old Sacramento and “J” got to play with the ‘Thomas the Train’ kids tables upstairs, he is obsessed. I am talking he starts yelling “train! train!” when we are driving and he sees train tracks- and the yells are even louder if he actually sees a train.

As a way to sneak in more one-on-one time with “E” when I put him down for bed, I  put “J” in our bed and let him watch an episode of ‘Thomas’. He gets so excited to watch he starts chanting ‘thomas,thomas, yeah thomas’ as the episode starts.

Being around “J” all day and used to decoding his toddler speak, I know this is what he is saying. However Husband  pointed out today that “J”s ‘thomas’ sounds more like ‘badass’. Husband had “J” saying it over and over just to laugh at the clean-but-sounds-like-profanity-words from our toddler.


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