When kids start talking, parents usually look at themselves and say “we need to limit what we say so baby doesn’t learn these bad habits”. I don’t talk bad about Husband even when mad, I try to use proper English (at least as much as I can remember the rules to), and I really don’t swear that much so I didn’t think I had any habits that needed to be curbed. However toddlers are like super sponges. They pick up on EVERYthing. “J” made me realize what vocal habit I do have and repeat a lot. “J” repeated it after me one night which I kinda smiled at, but then started noticing how much I actually say it….

“All right”

Yup, I say “all right” before I pretty much do anything with the kids. “All right, let’s get on our socks and shoes and go “J”” or “All right, it’s bath time! All the little bodies- clothes and diapers off, and into the tub”. Or this is the one “J” repeated after me- as we settle down for reading books at bedtime, “All right, ready? Red fish, blue fish…”. When I said ‘all right,ready’, “J” pulled the blankets up over his body, cuddled his bear, pointed at the book and responded “all-ight”.

So is it bad? Probably not. But my little sponge of a toddler picked up that habit, I shudder at what other-worse ones I might have that he is currently working on copying. Hopefully its just the good habits like saying please, thank you, excuse me, and opening the door for others…well I can hope.


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