I have mentioned before that “J” is obsessed with trains. Husband and I decided that we needed to budget a new train table for “J” and “E”. When the time came, we presented it to the kids trying to make it very clear to a “it’s MINE” toddler, that this was for both boys. Most of the time “E” only has control of the trees, signs, people, and -if “J” is forced to do it or else gets a time out feeling generous- a single train car. As much I say “it’s for both of you- share!”, the table actually is really cool. “J” is so consumed with playing at the table that he hardly notices “E” playing with all the other toys that he used to say ‘no’ about. It’s great to see Husband down on the floor making train sounds and making up stories with the boys too.

On a different but similar note…we, as a family, took a train ride for the first time. “J” was so excited when the train pulled into the station and he realized we were getting on it. We rode past other trains, cow pastures- accompanied with toddler ‘moo’s, and neighborhoods. When we arrived in Sacramento- we were absolutely shocked at how close we were to our destination of Old Town. By close, I literally mean we walked through the parking lot and turned the corner to see the backside of the Railroad Museum! The boys loved just being in the strollers and out for the day. It was such a great day of wide eyes and new experiences.


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