With California’s cut off for school admission, “J” will be 5 turning 6 when he enters kindergarten. That is still quite a few years away, but it has started a debate in my mind. Do we do two years of preschool or just one?  On one side, the first year we could do 2 days a week, just to get comfortable with the idea of leaving us for a while- and to have the social interactions. Then the second year, do 3 days a week- again to increase the idea of being away from us for longer bits of time. BUT then on the other side of the debate- I say to myself, that I am here with the kids and we have play dates, so why send him away for two years when he will be in school for many years anyways.

I really just don’t know how I feel. I am staying home with the kids and have no need to rush back into working, so we don’t need preschool as a half day, day-care type thing. But then again, “J” could use the play dates/socializing with kids his own age (he is currently the oldest of our group). Any ideas?


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