Box of Chocolates

Toddler sleeping patterns are like a box of chocolates. When you put them down you really don’t know what kind of night you’re going to get.

Take for instance J’s past few nights of sleep:

Sunday night: fell asleep while reading books, woke up about midnight due to wet diaper, allowed me to change him without much crying and fell right back asleep until 6am

Monday night: fell asleep after books with a quick cry to let me know he wanted me there but understood it was bedtime, and slept the entire night! Even slept in to 7am which is beyond rare.

Then last night- what happened? J fell asleep during his book, then woke up at about 2:45am screaming. I went in and changed the wet diaper, read a quick cardboard book I know for memory, gave him a kiss and left. J screamed, stomped his feet loud enough I could hear it down the hall in our room, and even threw himself against the door with enough strength to knock the wind out of his cry for a brief second. This went on for 5 minutes and then quieted enough for me to think he was finally understanding he was to go back to sleep in his own bed. Wrong! At 3am, the screams, foot stomping, and body throwing started up again. I waited 5 minutes again – this time with Husband asking me if everything was alright (I answered ya, cause I know he would just sleep through it no matter what the answer was). When J didn’t settle down, I finally gave up and slid down the dangerous slope, and went and slept in J’s room. J had been screaming so hard that he had hiccups and clung to me like a little monkey. His arms were locked around my neck. And if I even moved to try to get comfortable, J would think I was leaving again and would the neck hold tightened and his legs would curl trying to keep me there. As long as I didn’t move and J had his arms around my neck, he would fall right back to sleep. He then slept soundly with me in a choke hold the rest of the night- until 6 anyways.

J used to sleep so well in his crib back when he was a year old and now it’s changed so much. So now I am scared of how E’s sleep habits will change. E has always, from 3 weeks old, slept in his own bassinet/crib and slept pretty soundly for a good 10-12 hours each night.


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