It’s a stage right?

I am kinda worried. I am hoping that this is just a stage that they grow out of. It is, isn’t it? If it continues forever, God seriously needs to grant me more patience.

I am hoping this stage of stealing every toy is out grown. Currently I am feeling like I constantly playing toy referee to J and E. If E is playing with a toy- be it a block tower, a car, a walker, anything- J will leave what he is playing with and will go take E’s toy. It’s like a magnet. I have to keep telling J that E was playing with it and he has to give the toy back- and be nice. Of course this just sets off a tantrum which I then have to referee.

 I understand with the boys being so close in age there will inevitably be more competition. I am hoping I get a break from this- or at least it lessened a bit. And I really hope that we don’t have to play girl referee in the teen years cause I don’t know if I can handle that.


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