I have a good reason

So I have been MIA from the blog. I have a good reason- well it will be good when the uck-factor goes away. I have been dealing with the uck-factor of first trimester morning sickness! That’s right the mis-named morning sickness has hit me morning (bad), afternoon (not so bad), and night (really bad). But to be clear, I am very excited about the pregnancy but the serious uck-morning sickness needs to go. It has put a huge damper on my mood so J and E have been watched but not really interacted with like usual. I have been just laying on the couch trying to hold some sort of food down. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am 11 weeks along so first trimester is almost done. And I have all the hope that the uck goes away with the trimester.

But as light and as awesome as my news is…I really want to send my prayers out to those who are having to rebuild their lives due to the recent tornadoes in the central states. I can’t imagine the pain, the loss, the determination, and hope that they all have to continue on. I pray that the lost are found, the wounded have quick recoveries, and to all the rest the hope, faith, and courage to move forward. May God keep you safe and give you strength.


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