The awkward stage…

I am officially in the awkward stage of pregnancy. I know I am pregnant, but when I look in the mirror I just look like I have been eating too much for lunch and dinner. Jeans still fit when I stand; however sitting means unbuttoning to stop the digging in my mid-section. I just feel fat. I just want to look like pregnant…then again I remember how freaking big I get so maybe I should enjoy being able to still be in regular, non-maternity pants.

The awkward stage is..well, awkward enough. Now let’s add being a bridesmaid to the mix. Yep that’s right. Dress that has to get altered to accommodate the awkward belly. Wearing spanx to try to look better even though the belly won’t get sucked in. Pictures that get taken and never go away. Sigh. This is really the time I am wishing I was in the cute stage of pregnancy. The little round belly that is obviously due to pregnancy, but not to round that you are exhausted after a few minutes of standing holding the weight. BUT I will soldier on and be the best awkwardly pregnant bridesmaid a friend can have.


A sad good-bye

I posted yesterday my pregnancy belly pictures. Seeing those pictures reminded me of a very sad good-bye that I think only other women who have experienced it for themselves can understand. I know its only temporary and you can say hello once again; but that is the longest few months to be apart.

I am a tummy sleeper. I love sleeping on my tummy. I get the best sleep on my tummy. But tummy sleeping is just not possible during pregnancy. I am currently preparing myself for this sad good-bye. I can see my pregnant belly is just barely starting so I know its only a matter of a few weeks before I have to resort to side sleeping. I just hope this baby decides to show his/her adorable newborn face earlier than later. I have nightmares remember the last two weeks of E’s pregnancy just being miserable sleeping. The belly was so big that sleeping on my back was not practical cause of all the weight; and side sleeping hurt. The belly would just hang in an uncomfortable way. I would have to wrap blankets in such a way that would support all the belly. But then I couldn’t move.

So I bid a very sad farewell to my tummy sleeping position. I will see you again in 7 months. I promise.

This is the part I didn’t forget…

So some blogs that I have been reading for a while recently did a link up of their pregnancy belly pictures. I have to say the ever-growing belly is not something I forgot. I liked being pregnant-overall. With the boys I didn’t really have bad symptoms besides horrible stretch marks. That being said, I “grow ’em big”. J was two weeks early and a couple of ounces shy of 8lbs; E was on due date and weighed in at a whopping 9.5lbs. “Are you having twins?” and “How much longer do you have- you look about ready to pop” were constantly being asked.

This is me at a mere 6.5 months with J:

When I checked into the hospital to have E, the nurse- who sees pregnant bellies all the time- was shocked at how big my poor stretched belly was. I mean as she strapped the monitor belt around my belly she said “Wow! Your belly is big”. (Yes I was very big. With only one very big baby in me, my belly was stretched to 48 inches around at the button.)

Here I am in my pregnancy with E at 8 months (so just think I still had 7 weeks to keep growing!):

So now on pregnancy #3, I can only imagine how big my belly will be once again.

No Motivation

Since having to deal with morning sickness and basically trying to just hold something down, I gave up on even trying to get onto my elliptical. I know I have read articles for my physiology class that said physical activities actually help ease morning sickness. I just had no want or desire to attempt it. I was lost 8lbs in a week due to not keeping anything down. Why lose more by trying to exercise?
BUT I have no excuses now. The morning sickness is dwindling to just an annoying stomach twinge that results in nothing. Now I have a bigger problem. I have absolutely no motivation to get my butt back on the elliptical. I remember the articles and studies stating how those who did physical activities throughout pregnancy experienced less time in active labor and had a quicker postpartum recovery. I want all the benefits and know I just need to do it already;but no motivation to do it. I would rather lay down and try to ignore the stomach twinge.
How do I motivate myself to get up and do it?


I am still so grossed out about what happened during the kids’ bathtime tonight. I know most parents would say it happens and you just deal with it (which I did). I haven’t had to deal with it in the 2.5years of bathing kids but Eww.
I don’t know which one but one of my boys decided that bathtime was the best time to poop! I had just finished washing their hair and they were playing with their toys. I looked away for split second and I looked back, thankfully, just in time to prevent both kids from trying to pick up the floating poop. E came out first and I thought he was the culprit…and J would actually listen to me saying “No! Don’t touch-yucky. That’s yucky poop”.
I can wipe poop off their bottoms into a diaper, but floating in a tub or shared bath water. So. Freaking. Gross. I washed my hands like three times. Now, I just need to be able to wash memory of seeing floating poop.

Art with a toddler

I love it when I can do an art project with J. He gets so excited and starts to squeal in anticipation if he sees my bag of paints. However with E walking and being more underfoot it has been hard to get time to do projects. I don’t mind getting messy in projects and I know doing this with J will only help him learn how to experiment with color, texture, etc. I have been wanting to do a pine cone bird feeder but the only cones I can get have sharp points;so that project is still in figure out safety part.
When we moved into our place a year or so ago, I noticed the landlords left a piece of carpet scrap on the front porch-almost like an entry mat. So I have been tossing around what to do to make the scrap look a little more attractive. And this is what I finally came up with:

J loved getting all painted up and was disappointed when I washed him up. He wanted to keep going.

My life is getting more complicated

In the past two weeks, my life went from busy to “o-geez”. E is now more on the move. He has learned the art of walking. He is unsteady still, but I know its only a matter of time before both boys are running around and getting into trouble. The hardest part with E walking is now he can reach for more things, try to take more of J’s toys, and be right underfoot when I least expect him to be (ie- freak out that I might drop scalding pasta water on my little one when I go to drain the pot).

Another added complication: J doesn’t like E at his level. So we are going through the stage of J pushing E over every single chance he can. I go into the kitchen to refill water cups and all I hear is ‘thud’ and E’s cries. The one that pushed me over the patience threshold was a push right in front of me that sent E headfirst into the tile floor causing a bloody mouth. J went to bed early that night.

But that being said, it is exciting to see E gain confidence in his steps and start to explore more and more. This also is a slight relief to me- in that both boys will be sure-footed and won’t need me to carry them as much when the new baby comes.