My life is getting more complicated

In the past two weeks, my life went from busy to “o-geez”. E is now more on the move. He has learned the art of walking. He is unsteady still, but I know its only a matter of time before both boys are running around and getting into trouble. The hardest part with E walking is now he can reach for more things, try to take more of J’s toys, and be right underfoot when I least expect him to be (ie- freak out that I might drop scalding pasta water on my little one when I go to drain the pot).

Another added complication: J doesn’t like E at his level. So we are going through the stage of J pushing E over every single chance he can. I go into the kitchen to refill water cups and all I hear is ‘thud’ and E’s cries. The one that pushed me over the patience threshold was a push right in front of me that sent E headfirst into the tile floor causing a bloody mouth. J went to bed early that night.

But that being said, it is exciting to see E gain confidence in his steps and start to explore more and more. This also is a slight relief to me- in that both boys will be sure-footed and won’t need me to carry them as much when the new baby comes.


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