Art with a toddler

I love it when I can do an art project with J. He gets so excited and starts to squeal in anticipation if he sees my bag of paints. However with E walking and being more underfoot it has been hard to get time to do projects. I don’t mind getting messy in projects and I know doing this with J will only help him learn how to experiment with color, texture, etc. I have been wanting to do a pine cone bird feeder but the only cones I can get have sharp points;so that project is still in figure out safety part.
When we moved into our place a year or so ago, I noticed the landlords left a piece of carpet scrap on the front porch-almost like an entry mat. So I have been tossing around what to do to make the scrap look a little more attractive. And this is what I finally came up with:

J loved getting all painted up and was disappointed when I washed him up. He wanted to keep going.


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