I am still so grossed out about what happened during the kids’ bathtime tonight. I know most parents would say it happens and you just deal with it (which I did). I haven’t had to deal with it in the 2.5years of bathing kids but Eww.
I don’t know which one but one of my boys decided that bathtime was the best time to poop! I had just finished washing their hair and they were playing with their toys. I looked away for split second and I looked back, thankfully, just in time to prevent both kids from trying to pick up the floating poop. E came out first and I thought he was the culprit…and J would actually listen to me saying “No! Don’t touch-yucky. That’s yucky poop”.
I can wipe poop off their bottoms into a diaper, but floating in a tub or shared bath water. So. Freaking. Gross. I washed my hands like three times. Now, I just need to be able to wash memory of seeing floating poop.


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