No Motivation

Since having to deal with morning sickness and basically trying to just hold something down, I gave up on even trying to get onto my elliptical. I know I have read articles for my physiology class that said physical activities actually help ease morning sickness. I just had no want or desire to attempt it. I was lost 8lbs in a week due to not keeping anything down. Why lose more by trying to exercise?
BUT I have no excuses now. The morning sickness is dwindling to just an annoying stomach twinge that results in nothing. Now I have a bigger problem. I have absolutely no motivation to get my butt back on the elliptical. I remember the articles and studies stating how those who did physical activities throughout pregnancy experienced less time in active labor and had a quicker postpartum recovery. I want all the benefits and know I just need to do it already;but no motivation to do it. I would rather lay down and try to ignore the stomach twinge.
How do I motivate myself to get up and do it?


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