This is the part I didn’t forget…

So some blogs that I have been reading for a while recently did a link up of their pregnancy belly pictures. I have to say the ever-growing belly is not something I forgot. I liked being pregnant-overall. With the boys I didn’t really have bad symptoms besides horrible stretch marks. That being said, I “grow ’em big”. J was two weeks early and a couple of ounces shy of 8lbs; E was on due date and weighed in at a whopping 9.5lbs. “Are you having twins?” and “How much longer do you have- you look about ready to pop” were constantly being asked.

This is me at a mere 6.5 months with J:

When I checked into the hospital to have E, the nurse- who sees pregnant bellies all the time- was shocked at how big my poor stretched belly was. I mean as she strapped the monitor belt around my belly she said “Wow! Your belly is big”. (Yes I was very big. With only one very big baby in me, my belly was stretched to 48 inches around at the button.)

Here I am in my pregnancy with E at 8 months (so just think I still had 7 weeks to keep growing!):

So now on pregnancy #3, I can only imagine how big my belly will be once again.


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