A sad good-bye

I posted yesterday my pregnancy belly pictures. Seeing those pictures reminded me of a very sad good-bye that I think only other women who have experienced it for themselves can understand. I know its only temporary and you can say hello once again; but that is the longest few months to be apart.

I am a tummy sleeper. I love sleeping on my tummy. I get the best sleep on my tummy. But tummy sleeping is just not possible during pregnancy. I am currently preparing myself for this sad good-bye. I can see my pregnant belly is just barely starting so I know its only a matter of a few weeks before I have to resort to side sleeping. I just hope this baby decides to show his/her adorable newborn face earlier than later. I have nightmares remember the last two weeks of E’s pregnancy just being miserable sleeping. The belly was so big that sleeping on my back was not practical cause of all the weight; and side sleeping hurt. The belly would just hang in an uncomfortable way. I would have to wrap blankets in such a way that would support all the belly. But then I couldn’t move.

So I bid a very sad farewell to my tummy sleeping position. I will see you again in 7 months. I promise.


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