The awkward stage…

I am officially in the awkward stage of pregnancy. I know I am pregnant, but when I look in the mirror I just look like I have been eating too much for lunch and dinner. Jeans still fit when I stand; however sitting means unbuttoning to stop the digging in my mid-section. I just feel fat. I just want to look like pregnant…then again I remember how freaking big I get so maybe I should enjoy being able to still be in regular, non-maternity pants.

The awkward stage is..well, awkward enough. Now let’s add being a bridesmaid to the mix. Yep that’s right. Dress that has to get altered to accommodate the awkward belly. Wearing spanx to try to look better even though the belly won’t get sucked in. Pictures that get taken and never go away. Sigh. This is really the time I am wishing I was in the cute stage of pregnancy. The little round belly that is obviously due to pregnancy, but not to round that you are exhausted after a few minutes of standing holding the weight. BUT I will soldier on and be the best awkwardly pregnant bridesmaid a friend can have.


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