Pregnanct bellies

This fat stage of pregnancy seemed to last for-ev-er. I just felt fat no matter what I dressed in. Tight-ish shirts would just emphasize the belly; while loose shirts made me look like I was trying too hard to cover up the fat. I know I shouldn’t care what other people think about me, but it seemed like they would look at my belly and just think I wasn’t able to get rid of the ‘baby fat’ from J and E. I had been working out so this feeling sucked out all motivation to work out.

Now, I think I finally look pregnant. I realize now (you know how 20/20 vision on the past makes it clear) that I just had to face the reality of my two-baby-belly. Two-baby-belly-skin just isn’t as taunt as no-baby or one-baby-belly;therefore even as I grew with this pregnancy like before, the skin wasn’t taunt to show a “cute round belly”. Crap. One of those realities I just don’t like the sound of so I deny it. But asI said before, I finally- about halfway through-look pregnant. See- sorry about the weirdness-I was trying to get side view in bathroom without any makeup-less face:

I know I should be patient and even thankful for being this small, because I know by the end I will be so big I won’t want to do anything. Isn’t that all a part of the pregnancy roller coaster of emotion? Wanting to get out of the morning sickness stage as fast as possible, but then looking back in third trimester and wishing fo the ability to see your non-swollen feet. Sigh. Good thing I actually like pregnancy-most of the time.


Christmas in July

I know. I know. A bit over used sales pitch. But for me it is more trying to plan a bit now to lessen the stress in the future. Okay that sounds like part of the sale pitch. Whatever.
I am already trying to figure out Christmas gift ideas now while I am in the “feel good” second trimester of pregnancy and only have two kids to schedule around. With J, I liked shopping despite being very pregnant;but that was before having to plan around kids. So I am going through ideas now with the intention if I knock out gifts slowly over the next few months, I will be all set if the baby comes early or on time.
Any ideas on good gifts?

Baby names

I should enjoy this process of picking out the name of my son or daughter…you know the one he/she is stuck with the rest of his/her life! Except I’m not. After suggesting names to Husband randomly as we drove somewhere or at night before bedtime and getting mostly all no’s, I decided I am not enjoying the process like I did with J or E.
So I gave up. I went through the incredibly long lists in a baby names book and wrote down any possible names. I gave the list to Husband with a clause- if he vetoed every single name on that list he had to suggest names. It is a whole lot easier to say no than to suggest good names. That list still sits on Husband’s bedside table with no marks of good or bad. Sigh. Good thing we have 4-5 months.

Ps-is it just me or is it really rude for people to tell you how much they hate the name you’ve picked for your baby? Or when people touch your preg belly without asking? I can’t believe how intrusive and disrespectful society has gotten. And then I am the bitchy one when I am totally wanting to wear a shirt that says “yes I am pregnant. NO you may NOT touch it”…..sorry just a bit of a rant I needed to get off my chest

May be part of the problem

So maybe I was a little harsh on J for getting up so early. I realized that I had been starting the read/sleep routine 15min earlier…my fault. It was a round-go-round problem. I was impatient to have me time so I started routine earlier, which led to earlier wake up, which resulted in less patience on my end all over again. So I am trying my best to not rush tonight to see if that helps.
Oh, and it probably didn’t help J’s  sleeping pattern either that he was-unknown to me- teething! He had one of his second set molars come in which still leaves 3 more to teeth and break through. Yeah-not.
So here is a slight apology to my toddler for my frustration of lack of sleep.


I am slightly dreading the first weeks of newborn baby. I mean the baby will be amazing,but lack of sleep-not so much. I am starting to worry a bit, honestly.
This.morning J decided to wake up at 4:40a;I didn’t want to be up so I just went to sleep in his room. Normally, this would tell him it’s still bedtime and he climbs back into bed for another hour or so of sleep. Not this morning. He fought me when I picked him up and brought him to bed. He went and laid down in his reading nook tent;then it was to the floor by the foot of the bed; then it was to the floor right in front of the door. There he moved around a lot. Finally at 5:40a, I gave up and just got up.
This lack of sleep makes me less patient. Add J’s lack of sleep and seemingly inability to take a nap. Results in the afternoon are not great. “Cranky”ness all around.
So this is when I get really nervous and even slightly anxious for the time when I will be up with baby during night, and then up all day with toddler who doesn’t nap.  So here is my prayer:
“Please, please, please God let my little one learn a good night time routine early so I can have sleep patience. Also, please let my little toddlers sleep through the night. I don’t want to be surviving on caffeine-after all that’s not good for the baby. Oh, and thank you for the blessing of a new baby.”

Trying to be surprised

So I had my second trimester ultrasound today. The fluttering pixel of a heart beat was seen. The tiny hands were crossed in front of the face with one in a thumbs-up position. A perfect profile of nose and lips flashed on the screen. All so exciting…
and I stuck to my plan. We didn’t find out the gender. We found out with J as soon as we could. With E-I wanted to be surprised, but Husband spoke up before I had a chance so we found out. So this time I made it clear if this was our last then I should get the surprise I wanted. Husband is a blabber mouth so he can’t find out either.
But tell me this, why is it that people/family think it is just a given you will find out the gender? Is it cause technology makes it so easy so its assumed you would? It just bugs me. Leave me alone. It is our decision.

Bedtime routines

Most nights Husband just isn’t here to help. It’s really just a fact I have had to accept just because it is due to the nature of his career. I dated him long enough (4 years people!) so I kinda knew it going in. But anyways, Husband just isn’t part of the kids bedtime routine. If I think about it too much I get sad that he has to miss these mostly sweet moments-so I don’t. I just do the routine and try to take pictures, videos, and tell plenty of stories.
So our routine usually runs along these lines:
4p-start dinner before kids get cranky from hunger
4:30-5p- eat dinner when its ready
5-6p-play and attempt toy clean up
6p-Bathtime…both boys go into one tub. I am sure this will change down the road, but it is most efficient. Boys get splash buddy and I get through washing bodies mote quickly.
6:30p-J goes in our bed to watch  tv* have quiet time while I have one-on-one time with E before I lay him down for the night
6:45-7p-J goes into his room, feeds his fish, and picks out a boom or two to have me read. He will either fall asleep during the read or will get a kiss on the forehead, a quick “good night, love you, see you in the morning”, and I walk out. We have the door knob child proof cap thingy on the inside so he is contained-though he really doesn’t get up.
They both sleep through the night. J gets up about 6a and wi either cry a little or strangely will knock on the door until I let him out. E wakes up about 7a.
Our routine works. The boys know what comes next so there is little fuss. It does make nights away from home interesting. If the routine is messed with it can result is cranky kids-but it also can be pretty easily replicated in a hotel.
Do you have a routine or is varied by the night?

*I don’t like admitting that my kids watch tv and can point to the characters and know their names,but it means I can get one on one with each boy before they sleep. So whatever.