I failed myself…sort of

So as I sat down as I do once a month to move pictures off my camera onto my computer, I realized I failed. I normally get a decent amount of pictures of the boys doing their everyday thing. However I transferred a miserably failing amount of zero everyday pictures! Yup, zero. The only pictures I manage to take the whole month was a day trip with the family to local 6 Flags and my friend’s wedding. That is it. For the whole entire month. So my mission this month is to remember to pick up my camera and take more pictures.

But aside from my fail of picture-taking, we did manage to take a couple good ones:


And then just this past weekend for one of my very good friends wedding (Congrats newlyweds!!!!):


And the lovely bride herself midway through her night (when I turned in due to the early wake up call of toddler):


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