The start of our story

It wasn’t love at first sight. It almost didn’t happen. My independence could have put a stop before it started. But fortunately it happened and he actually liked my attitude independence.

Husband and I met through mutual friends on a blind date. It almost didn’t happen as neither of us really wanted to go. I had been out with my friend all day and really didn’t want to go out again. He didn’t want to go out due to a previously blind date by this same couple that failed miserably. But we both finally conceded. So we ended up meeting and going out to a movie. While waiting in line to buy  the movie tickets, Husband was busy talking to his friend rather than me. So when the teller opened up and he continued talking (despite stepping up to the teller with me), I had a little bit of attitude. I then used my gas money for the week, bought both our tickets, handed his and told him I would be inside if he decided to join me. Fortunately Husband took my attitude for independence and liked the fact that I wasn’t a needy female. He joined me for the movie.

We exchanged phone numbers and went home for the night (Okay, I went home. I only can assume he went home as well). I texted him the next day thanking him for a nice night. He called me and we talked for hours. We started dating exclusively 2 weeks later, continued dating for 4 long years, and the rest is history.


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