Only because I am his mommy

As a kid I never understood why other kids got car/motion sick. In the car, I could pretty much do anything I wanted without any nauseous feeling (like reading and doing homework). On boats, I was wobbly but not really due to motion sickness. At amusement parks, the ride choices were unlimited.

Unfortunately, I married a man who gets car/motion sick. He always drives to minimize the car sick feeling. On our Maui dinner cruise, my poor husband was curled over the side of the boat trying to keep from spending the entire cruise in the bathroom. Even amusement parks have limitations; rides that go in constant circles (think Dumbo or Teacups at Disneyland) are a no-go. Now, Husband’s motion sickness is eased with Dramamine. Choppy water Boat ride back from snorkeling in Maui turned into a roller coaster with a couple little pills.

This past two-day road trip with the family took us on a very windy road where we learned that J follows in Husband’s car sickness footsteps. After enduring an hour of twists and turns and only a mere twelve miles from the hotel, J’s car sickness caught up with him. It was horrible seeing my little man’s face as he lost his lunch all over himself. But here’s the thing, I had to look away and not comfort because my first trimester morning sickness threatened to return. When we finally got to the hotel yes we went all the way with J cover in throw up cause we knew he wouldn’t go back into a throw up cover car seat if we stopped earlier so don’t judge I did what I could only do because Husband wimped out I am J’s mommy, I wrapped him up in a beach towel and took him into the shower clothes and all. There we washed off all the chunks and took off the laden clothes. It was so gross, but these are the moments you just have to be the comforting mommy. J just wanted to cuddle for a good half hour afterwards as his tummy calmed down.

So now we know. We have to keep to major highways, load up on candied ginger or children’s Dramamine, and always bring an extra bag just in case. Hopefully, E is more like me otherwise I may go nuts trying to entertain kids from the front seat.


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