Painting Activities

When one car goes into the repair shop that tends to leave me without a vehicle (as Husband rightly needs a way to get to work). I don’t go out everyday so this tends to not be that big of deal; it’s more the mental “I am stuck” problem. So yesterday I tried to keep myself from going crazy the boys busy with activities. I read about homemade sidewalk chalk paint that I really wanted to try. J loved ‘painting’ with water on the back patio so I knew this would go over very well. I was more testing to see if E is big enough to do activity without having to taste it (he still tries to taste so its a good thing it has a harmless corn starch base). Despite the initial taste test, E eventually got the hang of painting. We painted, splattered, and squirted the paint all over the patio. J was asking for more paint each time his cup would get low.



This wasn’t the only painting we did though. In keeping with the theme of the day, we attempted window painting (but used in bathtub for clean up sake). Again E tried to taste but this time he learned quickly that dish soap taste gross. J had fun painting the tub walls and all his bathtoys. The greatest part: it is soap based so when I turned on the water for bathtime, it created a very bubbly bath for the boys. Bonus play!




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