Bedtime routines

Most nights Husband just isn’t here to help. It’s really just a fact I have had to accept just because it is due to the nature of his career. I dated him long enough (4 years people!) so I kinda knew it going in. But anyways, Husband just isn’t part of the kids bedtime routine. If I think about it too much I get sad that he has to miss these mostly sweet moments-so I don’t. I just do the routine and try to take pictures, videos, and tell plenty of stories.
So our routine usually runs along these lines:
4p-start dinner before kids get cranky from hunger
4:30-5p- eat dinner when its ready
5-6p-play and attempt toy clean up
6p-Bathtime…both boys go into one tub. I am sure this will change down the road, but it is most efficient. Boys get splash buddy and I get through washing bodies mote quickly.
6:30p-J goes in our bed to watch  tv* have quiet time while I have one-on-one time with E before I lay him down for the night
6:45-7p-J goes into his room, feeds his fish, and picks out a boom or two to have me read. He will either fall asleep during the read or will get a kiss on the forehead, a quick “good night, love you, see you in the morning”, and I walk out. We have the door knob child proof cap thingy on the inside so he is contained-though he really doesn’t get up.
They both sleep through the night. J gets up about 6a and wi either cry a little or strangely will knock on the door until I let him out. E wakes up about 7a.
Our routine works. The boys know what comes next so there is little fuss. It does make nights away from home interesting. If the routine is messed with it can result is cranky kids-but it also can be pretty easily replicated in a hotel.
Do you have a routine or is varied by the night?

*I don’t like admitting that my kids watch tv and can point to the characters and know their names,but it means I can get one on one with each boy before they sleep. So whatever.


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