Trying to be surprised

So I had my second trimester ultrasound today. The fluttering pixel of a heart beat was seen. The tiny hands were crossed in front of the face with one in a thumbs-up position. A perfect profile of nose and lips flashed on the screen. All so exciting…
and I stuck to my plan. We didn’t find out the gender. We found out with J as soon as we could. With E-I wanted to be surprised, but Husband spoke up before I had a chance so we found out. So this time I made it clear if this was our last then I should get the surprise I wanted. Husband is a blabber mouth so he can’t find out either.
But tell me this, why is it that people/family think it is just a given you will find out the gender? Is it cause technology makes it so easy so its assumed you would? It just bugs me. Leave me alone. It is our decision.


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