I am slightly dreading the first weeks of newborn baby. I mean the baby will be amazing,but lack of sleep-not so much. I am starting to worry a bit, honestly.
This.morning J decided to wake up at 4:40a;I didn’t want to be up so I just went to sleep in his room. Normally, this would tell him it’s still bedtime and he climbs back into bed for another hour or so of sleep. Not this morning. He fought me when I picked him up and brought him to bed. He went and laid down in his reading nook tent;then it was to the floor by the foot of the bed; then it was to the floor right in front of the door. There he moved around a lot. Finally at 5:40a, I gave up and just got up.
This lack of sleep makes me less patient. Add J’s lack of sleep and seemingly inability to take a nap. Results in the afternoon are not great. “Cranky”ness all around.
So this is when I get really nervous and even slightly anxious for the time when I will be up with baby during night, and then up all day with toddler who doesn’t nap.  So here is my prayer:
“Please, please, please God let my little one learn a good night time routine early so I can have sleep patience. Also, please let my little toddlers sleep through the night. I don’t want to be surviving on caffeine-after all that’s not good for the baby. Oh, and thank you for the blessing of a new baby.”


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