Baby names

I should enjoy this process of picking out the name of my son or daughter…you know the one he/she is stuck with the rest of his/her life! Except I’m not. After suggesting names to Husband randomly as we drove somewhere or at night before bedtime and getting mostly all no’s, I decided I am not enjoying the process like I did with J or E.
So I gave up. I went through the incredibly long lists in a baby names book and wrote down any possible names. I gave the list to Husband with a clause- if he vetoed every single name on that list he had to suggest names. It is a whole lot easier to say no than to suggest good names. That list still sits on Husband’s bedside table with no marks of good or bad. Sigh. Good thing we have 4-5 months.

Ps-is it just me or is it really rude for people to tell you how much they hate the name you’ve picked for your baby? Or when people touch your preg belly without asking? I can’t believe how intrusive and disrespectful society has gotten. And then I am the bitchy one when I am totally wanting to wear a shirt that says “yes I am pregnant. NO you may NOT touch it”…..sorry just a bit of a rant I needed to get off my chest


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