Pregnanct bellies

This fat stage of pregnancy seemed to last for-ev-er. I just felt fat no matter what I dressed in. Tight-ish shirts would just emphasize the belly; while loose shirts made me look like I was trying too hard to cover up the fat. I know I shouldn’t care what other people think about me, but it seemed like they would look at my belly and just think I wasn’t able to get rid of the ‘baby fat’ from J and E. I had been working out so this feeling sucked out all motivation to work out.

Now, I think I finally look pregnant. I realize now (you know how 20/20 vision on the past makes it clear) that I just had to face the reality of my two-baby-belly. Two-baby-belly-skin just isn’t as taunt as no-baby or one-baby-belly;therefore even as I grew with this pregnancy like before, the skin wasn’t taunt to show a “cute round belly”. Crap. One of those realities I just don’t like the sound of so I deny it. But asI said before, I finally- about halfway through-look pregnant. See- sorry about the weirdness-I was trying to get side view in bathroom without any makeup-less face:

I know I should be patient and even thankful for being this small, because I know by the end I will be so big I won’t want to do anything. Isn’t that all a part of the pregnancy roller coaster of emotion? Wanting to get out of the morning sickness stage as fast as possible, but then looking back in third trimester and wishing fo the ability to see your non-swollen feet. Sigh. Good thing I actually like pregnancy-most of the time.


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