Apple is no match

I looked and since I have been so immersed in Potty training I realized posts about E are severely lacking….
E is an excellent eater. He loves veggies. He will eat his veggies and fruit before even starting on his meat or carbs most days. He only has his 4 front teeth so he still mostly eats things that need to be cut up first.
However I found out that if J gives E a whole apple off the counter, E will take it on and conquer it. This apple was no match to E and his appetite-despite only having 4 teeth!



Trend that I could get used to

J is on a roll. He is doing so amazingly well on Potty training. He is 4 days with no accidents;which includes a trip to church, park, and tumbling playdate too. No accidents in public or at home! Ah-maz-ing!
On top of not having accidents, J also has decided that he “do it”. He is insistent on using “big Potty” otherwise known as a toilet. By himself, he will get his step, pull down underwear/shorts, and do #1 & #2 his business. J still needs help in pulling up everything again. He is even getting to a point I don’t really have to ask/remind him to go use Potty-he just goes.
As stressed as I was to start this whole process, I can’t believe J has come so far so fast. J has the cognitive development to understand when I said “no carpet, yes potty”. He knew I meant no peeing on carpet. He also has the physical development to be able to sense the urge to go and be able to control muscles to prevent accidents.
So I know now with E when he gets to that age, I should just let it happen when it happens. I shouldn’t let what people might think influence how early I start.
But seriously, J went from diapers to using Potty with no accidents in a week. Sure it isn’t the 24hour thing like some programs promise or moms brag about, but a week is not too shabby. So now we just have to work on warning time, public restroom use, and nighttime dryness (which currently comes and goes). I know these are all a part of J’s Potty learning curve.  I just hope I can work out the warning time and public use in time for vacation in Oct/Nov or we may be in for a lot more stress.

It was a good day…

Overall it was a good day. J started out with a wet night diaper-but really I can’t fault him for not staying dry for that long. He didn’t need to go before breakfast despite repeated attempts. Finally about an hour after breakfast, he did a little dance and I prodded him to go to Potty. He went no fuss.
Then a proud moment as a mom of a toddler mid-training…I was just out of the shower and Husband summoned me with “you gotta see this”. I was thinking “crap”-like literally crap in J’s underwear that I have to clean. But I was corrected. J managed to slip away from playing with Husband, go to bathroom and POOP in the Potty! Crazy-all by himself.
So the overall in-the-Potty run continued the rest of the afternoon-3 more pees and another poop and no accidents.
The thing that made day only good not amazing is that we went to a friend’s house for dinner so J had to be in diaper (to prevent awkward accident). J didn’t tell me he had to Potty-he just went in diaper. I can’t blame him, but still. Really good day, but just a little short of full out awesome.
So now I hope that a night in preventative diaper didn’t make J take a backwards step in training. I kinda liked not having accidents to clean up.

Victory bookends

Today was much like yesterday. Just a day of hit and miss-sometimes J would make it and other times complete accident on carpet.
However J did manage to do two small victories that kind of bookend my day. This morning I took him to sit on Potty first thing (after my wake me up shower)-more just to start that routine of going first thing. I took his diaper off and he peed right away in the Potty! Victory in and of itself. But add to that victory-J’s diaper was clean and dry! He had stayed dry all the way from Bathtime (6:30p or so to 7a). Crazy! I cheered extra on that one.
Then to close the day of mess nicely. While I was in the garage running a load of laundry, J managed all of this: open door, take off underwear, pee in Potty, and have pot ready to carry upstairs to dump in toilet. All by his-freaking-self!!!! No mess around the Potty like it was rushed and he couldn’t get underwear off in time (as that had happened earlier today). J had sensed the need to go, and had gone in the Potty. Awesome end to the day I must say.

Now I plead pray this carries on to tomorrow and we continue on this path of victory.

Day 2

I tried reminding myself this can’t be learned in one day. I also told myself to dwell on the progress not the accidents. BUT that is way easier said than done…
Day 1-Sunday- I just put J on Potty twice, which both times he went pee! I did leave him in a diaper the rest of the time. This was more of a test to see if J was aware that he could go sit, concentration for a little bit, and pee. He seemed to grasp it so I figured it was safe to move on to day 2.

Day 2- today, Monday- Frustration sums up my feelings. I feel like J can only learn if he has an accident if he is wearing underwear-not a diaper or pull up thing. Well, that sets me up for a lot more clean up. J had 3 accidents-all of them being within a half hour of sitting on the Potty. Frustration!
A bright spot in the dirty day. I noticed he sat down from playing and told him to go sit on Potty. He then peed! He got super excited. I did the funny dance. He got a sticker to decorate the Potty lid and a hershey’s kiss reward. I mean what else can I really do to encourage it anymore than that?!
Then return to frustration. Another accident- again within a half hour of sitting on Potty.
And finally to wrap up the day, I called out for the boys to head upstairs for bathtime. J shook his head at me and opened the door to the Potty closet. I asked him if he needed to pee. He said yes. I took it in stride-thinking he was just trying to get a sticker. Much to my surprise, J peed! He got all excited and started yelling “I did it!” at the top of his lungs. He got my funny mom dance, sticker, and small candy reward.

Now really I should just say to myself that J is progressing good. He did manage to go twice in the Potty. That is 2 more times than he would have had still being in diapers. It’s just hard to say that when I am running a load of underwear and towels in preparation for tomorrow. I guess I have to suck it up, work through it with him, and not give up.

Ps- God, seriously couldn’t you help us parents out and have kids just flip a switch one day to know how without the frustration? Isn’t parenting stressful enough?

Preparations are being made

So when I went and bought the big Costco size box of diapers-cause with 2 boys in same size we go through them very quickly-I realized how much our diaper budget would drop if I sucked it up and just Potty trained J. I told Husband that we need to get on same page (so if he watches J he will continue what I established). Now we are in the midst of Potty training preparations. This includes a trip to Target for a Potty (for downstairs), a plastic hallway runner (to pee-proof closet floor), flushable wipes, mini candies (for #1), small toys (for #2), juice, and snacks (salty so he will want to drink more and thus have more to practice with).
We only have one outing planned for next week so I think we will just start first thing Monday morning. Since J has successfully used Potty twice I am hoping that all he needs is a schedule and lots of practice.
Stay tuned for the good, the bad, and the “pooy”. I totally made up that word but am hoping there won’t be too much of that 😉