He did it!

Crap. I have get my butt in gear and get stickers, candies, and prizes. I have to prepared myself for no quick errands for a while-unless I do it when Husband is home. I have to prepared myself that our day trips are going to take longer with more frequent pit stops.
BUT on the positive…..J peed in the Potty last night! He took his diaper off for bathtime, peed a couple drops, grabbed his boyhood to stop the flow, I yelled encouraged to go sit in the Potty, he sat and peed! I didn’t have any prizes yet cause I’ve been lazy he never showed interest before. So I resorted to an overly exaggerated dance and a ton of praise. He was so excited and proud. He even sat down after we cleaned it up and said “again” and pulled on his boyhood trying to pee again, LOL.
So now I have to get everything together and mentally prepared myself for not leaving house for awhile. J is showing all the signs. I know we will have messes; but if we can get him pretty much fully trained way before baby arrives there’s less likelihood of regression. Right? Let’s hope so for my sanity.

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