So cute

I (with help from my mom when she was in town) made this combo blanket for E. It is a combo of a stuffed animal and blankie. The teddy is attached on one of the corners of the blanket. This combo allows the toddler to chose on any given night to cuddle with teddy or blanket or both.
J likes the one I made him and he knows that is a sure sign of going to bed. With J, I didn’t make his until we transitioned him from our bed to his own when he was almost 2.
So my hopes with E were that he would get attached a but earlier to help him with falling to sleep on his own. At first he didn’t even care if it was in the crib or not. Now, different story. He doesn’t demand it yet but if he sees it, he wants it as I rock him. E also has a tight grip on the teddy in the morning and will bring it in when he goes to wake up Husband.
Here is a picture of E one morning: (so cute, right?!)



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