Glad I didn’t

When I was worried about J and that he hadn’t really gotten a big vocabulary yet (remember here), Husband and I contemplated the “Your Baby Can Read” series. I didn’t really like the idea but was really concerned about J talking so I was considering. I had a problem with kids learning to read that early and then doing poorly in school (being bored in one subject so mess around an end up slacking/frustrated in other subjects). Fortunately, right when I started voicing my concern, J’s vocabulary grew exponentially.

So, in a Psychology Today  there are some interesting articles suggesting that “Baby Can Read” is actually doing harm within the brain. The articles suggested that the series could be damaging the synapses in the brain’s neurons…or another way to think of it: this is causing the brain to be “hard-wired” in ways that the brain was never meant to be wired. It is pretty tough to get approved for publication in Psychology Today, so this makes me so glad I just waited for J to learn on his own timeline and didn’t push him with “Baby Can Read”.

Now, J has a pretty broad vocabulary, knows all of his upper case letters, and can count 1 through 13. We are working on lower case letters and how to correlate letters and numbers to real life (as in A is the starting letter is apple, or there are 2 cars on the table). J is growing by leaps and bounds. He is at a really awkward stage right now in that he could be in preschool and loving being around older kids; but is still a little too young. He will be more than ready next year (Can you believe that! Already, geez.)


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