Hopefully this sticks

I am really hoping this sticks for the future. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about streaking at a football game or teen pregnancies. Though I think I am just kidding myself cause it won’t last.
J hates being in just his diaper. Unless it’s Bathtime or he is changing from pjs to day clothes, being without a shirt and shorts isn’t an option for him. Yesterday we did some sidewalk painting again. When we were done both J and E’s clothes were covered in paint. So I took their clothes off as they came inside to put them straight into the washer. E went on into the living room to play. J threw a fit! He stood in his diaper in the middle of the living room yelling “shirt, shirt”. I asked him if he needed a shirt or if he would be ok until he took a bath. He just yelled “shirt” again.
I had to go upstairs and get a new shirt and pair of shorts for the whopping half hour before Bathtime. J continued yelling for clothes until I came back.
Unfortunately, I think he will get over it when he switches to just trunks for swimming (not including the spf shirt he has now)..and when those dreaded teen hormones kick in. Sigh. Well at least I can enjoy the fact that, for now, J won’t be that naked toddler streaking across the front yard!


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