Preparations are being made

So when I went and bought the big Costco size box of diapers-cause with 2 boys in same size we go through them very quickly-I realized how much our diaper budget would drop if I sucked it up and just Potty trained J. I told Husband that we need to get on same page (so if he watches J he will continue what I established). Now we are in the midst of Potty training preparations. This includes a trip to Target for a Potty (for downstairs), a plastic hallway runner (to pee-proof closet floor), flushable wipes, mini candies (for #1), small toys (for #2), juice, and snacks (salty so he will want to drink more and thus have more to practice with).
We only have one outing planned for next week so I think we will just start first thing Monday morning. Since J has successfully used Potty twice I am hoping that all he needs is a schedule and lots of practice.
Stay tuned for the good, the bad, and the “pooy”. I totally made up that word but am hoping there won’t be too much of that 😉


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