Day 2

I tried reminding myself this can’t be learned in one day. I also told myself to dwell on the progress not the accidents. BUT that is way easier said than done…
Day 1-Sunday- I just put J on Potty twice, which both times he went pee! I did leave him in a diaper the rest of the time. This was more of a test to see if J was aware that he could go sit, concentration for a little bit, and pee. He seemed to grasp it so I figured it was safe to move on to day 2.

Day 2- today, Monday- Frustration sums up my feelings. I feel like J can only learn if he has an accident if he is wearing underwear-not a diaper or pull up thing. Well, that sets me up for a lot more clean up. J had 3 accidents-all of them being within a half hour of sitting on the Potty. Frustration!
A bright spot in the dirty day. I noticed he sat down from playing and told him to go sit on Potty. He then peed! He got super excited. I did the funny dance. He got a sticker to decorate the Potty lid and a hershey’s kiss reward. I mean what else can I really do to encourage it anymore than that?!
Then return to frustration. Another accident- again within a half hour of sitting on Potty.
And finally to wrap up the day, I called out for the boys to head upstairs for bathtime. J shook his head at me and opened the door to the Potty closet. I asked him if he needed to pee. He said yes. I took it in stride-thinking he was just trying to get a sticker. Much to my surprise, J peed! He got all excited and started yelling “I did it!” at the top of his lungs. He got my funny mom dance, sticker, and small candy reward.

Now really I should just say to myself that J is progressing good. He did manage to go twice in the Potty. That is 2 more times than he would have had still being in diapers. It’s just hard to say that when I am running a load of underwear and towels in preparation for tomorrow. I guess I have to suck it up, work through it with him, and not give up.

Ps- God, seriously couldn’t you help us parents out and have kids just flip a switch one day to know how without the frustration? Isn’t parenting stressful enough?


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