Victory bookends

Today was much like yesterday. Just a day of hit and miss-sometimes J would make it and other times complete accident on carpet.
However J did manage to do two small victories that kind of bookend my day. This morning I took him to sit on Potty first thing (after my wake me up shower)-more just to start that routine of going first thing. I took his diaper off and he peed right away in the Potty! Victory in and of itself. But add to that victory-J’s diaper was clean and dry! He had stayed dry all the way from Bathtime (6:30p or so to 7a). Crazy! I cheered extra on that one.
Then to close the day of mess nicely. While I was in the garage running a load of laundry, J managed all of this: open door, take off underwear, pee in Potty, and have pot ready to carry upstairs to dump in toilet. All by his-freaking-self!!!! No mess around the Potty like it was rushed and he couldn’t get underwear off in time (as that had happened earlier today). J had sensed the need to go, and had gone in the Potty. Awesome end to the day I must say.

Now I plead pray this carries on to tomorrow and we continue on this path of victory.


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