It was a good day…

Overall it was a good day. J started out with a wet night diaper-but really I can’t fault him for not staying dry for that long. He didn’t need to go before breakfast despite repeated attempts. Finally about an hour after breakfast, he did a little dance and I prodded him to go to Potty. He went no fuss.
Then a proud moment as a mom of a toddler mid-training…I was just out of the shower and Husband summoned me with “you gotta see this”. I was thinking “crap”-like literally crap in J’s underwear that I have to clean. But I was corrected. J managed to slip away from playing with Husband, go to bathroom and POOP in the Potty! Crazy-all by himself.
So the overall in-the-Potty run continued the rest of the afternoon-3 more pees and another poop and no accidents.
The thing that made day only good not amazing is that we went to a friend’s house for dinner so J had to be in diaper (to prevent awkward accident). J didn’t tell me he had to Potty-he just went in diaper. I can’t blame him, but still. Really good day, but just a little short of full out awesome.
So now I hope that a night in preventative diaper didn’t make J take a backwards step in training. I kinda liked not having accidents to clean up.


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