Trend that I could get used to

J is on a roll. He is doing so amazingly well on Potty training. He is 4 days with no accidents;which includes a trip to church, park, and tumbling playdate too. No accidents in public or at home! Ah-maz-ing!
On top of not having accidents, J also has decided that he “do it”. He is insistent on using “big Potty” otherwise known as a toilet. By himself, he will get his step, pull down underwear/shorts, and do #1 & #2 his business. J still needs help in pulling up everything again. He is even getting to a point I don’t really have to ask/remind him to go use Potty-he just goes.
As stressed as I was to start this whole process, I can’t believe J has come so far so fast. J has the cognitive development to understand when I said “no carpet, yes potty”. He knew I meant no peeing on carpet. He also has the physical development to be able to sense the urge to go and be able to control muscles to prevent accidents.
So I know now with E when he gets to that age, I should just let it happen when it happens. I shouldn’t let what people might think influence how early I start.
But seriously, J went from diapers to using Potty with no accidents in a week. Sure it isn’t the 24hour thing like some programs promise or moms brag about, but a week is not too shabby. So now we just have to work on warning time, public restroom use, and nighttime dryness (which currently comes and goes). I know these are all a part of J’s Potty learning curve.  I just hope I can work out the warning time and public use in time for vacation in Oct/Nov or we may be in for a lot more stress.


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