I don’t think I have ever made Jello for the boys. I just don’t think of making it. When we went to San Francisco the other weekend, we went to Bubba Gumps (the restaurant based on Forrest Gump movie). The boys’ meals came with a little cup of Jello. The smiles that came along with them discovering it were more than contagious.

J could only eat one bite because Husband had him laughing too hard to even take any more bites:

E on the other hand was loving it. He squished it between his fingers and smiled after every bite:


The only bad part of that lunch was the nice blue tint left behind on the boys’ teeth and chin. Oh well, a treat now and then is just that, a treat. The tint came off in the bath and with their night-time teeth brushing.


Pregnancy update

This will be short and to the point… as it is mostly to update family across the country.

I am now into the third trimester and a mere 10-11 weeks (otherwise known as only 75days!!) left to due date. The belly is growing by leaps and bounds. I measure my belly circumference just for fun and its fun to see how it compares between pregnancies. Well leaps and bounds in this pregnancy means that in the past two weeks I have gained 2-freaking-inches around my belly. If this continues I will be even bigger than I was with E (and I was so uncomfortable by the end because the belly stuck out so far. Nurses in the hospital were even shocked at how big my belly was with E and they see bellies everyday!). So I am hoping the growth of the baby is good but that my belly growth slows down a bit. Here is an updated belly shot:


To say that Husband is not a planner is an understatement. He likes to just drive and find a hotel where we end up. He calls it relaxing.
I on the other hand like to plan. I like having a final destination hotel and an idea of what we are going to do each day. I like finding the good deals to keep budget in check while still having lots to do. To me, I get more excited about doing things and about the vacation in general.
So as you can imagine this can cause some disagreement when planning a vacation. We each have to give a little bit, but we both want it our way. So when we agreed on taking boys to Disneyland, we then had to start making compromises. I wanted to get hotel, tickets, reservations to shows (for best seats so boys can actually see), and plan what rides boys and I could go on. While Husband wanted to not plan out any of the days and just go with the flow.
Compromise ended up as such: I “won” by getting hotel and tickets reserved through AAA (for my budget and planning wants) and the nighttime show reservations can be made (for best seats). Then Husband “won” by having the rest of the Disney days and our drive back stop unplanned. He keeps changing his mind from Pismo Beach, to Morro Bay, to driving straight home to relax there.
All this being said we both are getting excited for vacation in our own way. I get to have an hotel planned out and get excited about each of the planned nighttime shows. While Husband gets to get excited about relaxing and not having a daytime schedule. We both are excited just to be enjoying family time.

Edit note: I tried to get reserved seats for one of the shows and they are all sold out for the dates that we are there. They suggested we give the kids a nap so they can stay up for the 10:15 PM show- I think not! So it looks like if we want to see it we will have to either camp out with J and E for a good seat or just try to view the show from whereever we can. Sigh! This is why I like organizing and planning ahead. So we can have the best without the frustrations or stress. Oh well. I guess this too will pass and I am sure we will have a good time anyways.

To be or not to be?

Or actually I should say- To be mad or not to be mad? Now that is the question of my moment.
I’ll back up. J loves being the one to go in and get E. They giggle at each other most times which is so cute that I allow it most of the time.
However when E is only one hour into his two hour nap and J decides to go into E’s room instead of the bathroom to go Potty, I get this question running through my head. I am mad that J woke E up early (which means a very cranky toddler come dinner-making-hour). Oh and may I add that E probably needed every bit of that longer naptime as teething has messed with his nighttime sleep. But I am not mad because it means J loves E so much that he wanted to go play with him early.
Right now I won’t be mad. E fortunately woke up in a semi-decent mood though when crankiness starts I have every right to change my mind. I guess I could use this extra hour of awake time to go run an errand or two. Maybe. Eh, probably not. Let em play.

So not me but sounds so good

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a big drinker. I can count on one hand how many times I have been drunk. However as I lay here in bed trying to sleep the only thing that my mind can seem to focus on is how good a strawberry margarita would be. Complete with salt in rim.
I realize this is not a craving that I can’t give in to, but it got me thinking. Since I have been either pregnancy or nursing for past 3.5years, I haven’t really had much time to have a drink. I have celebrated 3 bachelorette parties, 3 weddings, college graduations, and Husband’s job p romotion during this time…all with pretty much no alcohol.
So I plan on next year for my birthday I am finding a way to convince Husband to have a babysitter over for a full day (or two) and do something I have always wanted to do…go to a grape stomp and wine tasting. Or maybe if I can’t convince him of that, just a date night at a Mexican restaurant with a jumbo size strawberry margarita with salt on the rim. 😉

Just need to comment

Okay, this is your fair warning: This post will be full of venting and flat-out snarky-ness to those people who really think these things…

So I was reading a post here (I am on my phone so I can’t figure out how to link it properly so you might have to search back to find out) about a comment made by a childless friend. The comment basically was how he was anti-shitty parents because a baby was crying during his whole 3 hour flight and the mom wasn’t making her baby stop crying. This led to a huge number of responses-most defending the mom and calling the guy a jerk. The said man defended himself saying that it wasn’t only the baby crying, but the older two siblings mimicking the baby and the mom with her headphones on not trying to comfort or stop the kids.

So first of all, I was about to comment like the other moms and say that this guy wasn’t being understanding of babies/toddlers. However with the clarification of the comment, I somewhat get his frustration.

Second, there was one comment that just stuck out like a sore thumb to me because I truly couldn’t understand how someone could rally think this. After all, I have made posts before on how some people don’t understand what it is like to not have family live right around you. I even made multiple posts on how nervous I was myself about flying with J and E across country. But this comment pretty much infuriated me: “Speaking as the mother of a four-month-old, I do have to say I’m still completely baffled by why anyone would fly with a baby. Ok, I get that there might be extenuating circumstances like having to go to a funeral, or you’re moving accross the country, or something like that, but there are way too many babies on planes to be covered by that, so I do wonder what those parents are thinking. It doesn’t excuse this person being a jerk about it, and it’s not the babies fault its crying, and of course the parents probably did whatever they could to stop it… but the best way to keep your baby from crying on a plane is not to fly with one. It’s called being considerate. You can wait for a vacation (how could you possibly relax on a vacation with a baby anyway?!). These are the sacrifices you need to consider before you become a parent.”

I will not curse but you will get my picture…What The H**L!!!!!! Being considerate is not flying with a baby? There are sacrifices you need to consider before being a parent? Is she being serious?!  So I live in California and my family lives in Nebraska/Texas and my in-laws live in Alabama/Washington- my kids should miss out because I am being considerate of other people on the plane?! Husband and I should try to use his rare two weeks of vacation a year to split between all the family and be able to have time to have immediate family bonding time? We should “sacrifice” by not taking our kids to see the family across country? WOW. I can’t believe someone would really believe it enough to post a comment like that.

With all that venting being said, I sincerely hope that the next time I trek across the country to visit family (may be awhile but I will one day do it again) that the people on my plane will understand I take every consideration possible in making sure my kids are happy and not crying.

Why is it?

Friends, family, and complete strangers all seem to have the same assumption. Because we have two boys already, we were trying/wanting a little girl. As I have said before, we made I forced Husband to be ok with the decision not to find out the gender of this little one. We found out with both boys and I always kinda liked the idea of having it be a true surprise. So because we didn’t find out the gender, the assumption is that I am carrying a girl. So why is it? Why do people assume that just because we decided to have a third baby and already have two boys that we are having a girl?

Maybe it’s because of the supposed “ideal happy family” consists of mom, dad, and two kids-one of each gender. I personally love the fact that J and E have each other and will be able to share “boy” interests together.

So I state for the record…Husband and I decided that we wanted to welcome another little one to our family- with no  desired gender in mind. IF this little one is a girl, I have a feeling Husband is going to be wrapped around her little finger (even more so than he is around J and E’s). I hope that she will be a good balance to the boy craziness that overwhelms our house now. IF this little one is a boy, I hope that he will find his own voice and will be a good play buddy. And let’s be honest we have more than enough boy clothes so the budget wouldn’t feel the pressure as much.