Just a bit crazy

I think I may be just a bit crazy. Husband and I decided to take advantage of this being the last vacation that we could go on to Disney with both kids being free. After December, J will be old enough to need his own heavily overpriced kids ticket. So we are starting to makes plan for Disneyland.

I mean, where is the crazy in this picture: one newly potty trained toddler otherwise known as overstimulated doesn’t “need to go” potty accident waiting to happen + one third trimester pregnant woman also known as the world’s smallest bladder + one very nap dependent toddler. How exactly are we going to be able to see anything other than the restrooms and hotel? 

But to put a positive spin on our plans….Husband decided that we should pay out the rear end to stay at a Disney hotel. This will allow for nap time for one little toddler, de-stimulation of the other toddler, and less walking for the parents pushing the stroller. Having the hotel right there will also, in theory, give us some reprieve from the over priced food. With our own snacks and drinks in the room, we can hopefully cut the outrageously priced meals in Disneyhood (be it in the park or in Downtown Disney) down to two: breakfast and dinner. A small snack or lunch in the hotel room while on our nap/rest break will hardly make a dent in how expensive Disney hotels are help keep our budget somewhat under control. And since we are having that nap/rest time, the kids will hopefully be less whiny more awake to enjoy the nighttime shows-like fireworks over the castle or the water laser show in California Adventure.

To be honest I am excited to see the smiles and laughs from J again and to see how E reacts now that he is old enough to experience it (last time he was a mere 6 months). I think all the craziness will be overshadowed by the smiles in the pictures and the time spent together as a family. We get to enjoy this time together before we go into overdrive again with holiday work schedules and, of course, the new baby!


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