Just like

Before he even turned 2, J definitely got some “terrible 2s” tantrums. Now just like before, J is developing the “I-do-it 3s” behavior before reaching 3. For example, now when J goes to use the Potty he refuses my help. He insists on climbing up (now via step stool not mommy step), sitting on toilet, wiping, flushing, and closing lid all by himself. If I try to help, I get a very determined “I do it!” back at me. And if I try to help close the lid a little quieter than a slam, I get “Watch out mama…I do it!”. The only part I am allowed by J to do is put underwear/shorts back on and be a lift for hand washing. Other than that, my job in Potty training has dissolved away.
This is scary to me. Not the Potty going, but the growing up too fast, wanting more independence sooner part. Sigh. Before I know it I will be getting for the car keys and getting “don’t worry mom. I can do it drive”. Crap. Definitely not ready for that. I’ll get there, I think. Husband may need to take over that though…then again he has crashed many more cars than I have.
Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Can you ever be ready for your kids to grow up?


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