I usually don’t post about food. Mostly because I am no where near the chef I would live to be. This is partially due to budget,time, and diet(no red meat for me) but it also is hugely due to Husband and J not really wanting/willing to try new things. I can try a recipe here or there but I definitely have limits on ingredients that I can use.So mostly I use the same recipes over and over with slight altering to avoid monotony….
But back to the point. I unfortunately have an adversion from pot pies. I got sick after eating one as a kid and now they just gross me out. That being said, I can make my own homemade healthier version and it is comfort food. No crust on the bottom. Just yummy chicken and vegetables with a cresent biscuit top. Something the whole family eats-which with toddlers can be tricky to find.
And look-doesn’t it look so good:

2 thoughts on “Mmmmm

    • Chicken pot pie….just sauteed chopped carrots, celery, onion, red bell pepper, and corn in butter. Add some cooked shredded chicken. Sprinklers flour to make rue with butter in pan. Add stock and let thicken. Pour into casserole dish and top with unrolled store bought cresent rolls. Bake 375f oven for 11-15min until top is golden. Super easy but good halfway healthy comfort food. Enjoy!

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