It is hitting me

So I know I am pregnant-that’s very obvious in the mirror now. However I realized this morning that I am under 100days away from this little one’s due date!
Then it hit me. What do I have to do to be ready if s/he arrived tomorrow? We have plenty of boy clothes and have one girl outfit in case. The pack-n-play is just tucked in a closet so could be set up in a minute. I bought a big pack of newborn diapers on sale yesterday. (I just want to say that I swear by Huggies supreme diapers for newborns. With umbilical cord cut out, wetness indicator, and “poop pocket” in the back, these diapers allowed us to keep J and E’s newborn bottoms comfy with minimal guessing.*) We still have to double check that the infant car seat is still good. It looks good but we have to see if it has expired (yup, they expire. In big dates on back of seat there is expiration date. E’s seat just got upgraded due to expiration).
What else needs to be done? As prepared as I feel, I also feel very under-prepared. I have this “we have done it before and haven’t gotten rid of anything” mentality. But will that leave me kicking myself that I forgot something?

* I did not get anything for saying how much I love Huggies supreme newborn diapers. My blog is too small. I just love them that much that I had to state it.


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