Mommy fail:
I don’t know if it’s hormones or what but my patience seems to be thinner than usual. When J tells me he needs to “big Potty”, takes for-ev-er to get to the bathroom, and then takes his dear sweet time to open the toilet lid (remember I am not allowed to help because he “do it”), I feel like pulling my hair out. I have to repeat myself twenty times just to get him to pay attention to the task at hand.
Or when he clings, lays on me, and doesn’t give me enough space to breathe, I feel bad for pushing him back a bit. I feel like it’s hard enough to get comfortable with my growing belly, let alone add a 30+pound toddler on top of that.
I do feel bad most of the time. I mean, J is trying to cuddle and is a toddler that is easily distracted from boring tasks like going Potty. Yet I can’t seem to gather patience together in those moments. I am praying God gives me more patience-especially when our newest addition keeps me up at night (though with the world’s tinyest bladder waking me up during the night maybe it won’t be much different, lol).


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