I think I can

I haven’t wanted to say it out loud or even think it for that matter. I was afraid I might get my hopes up and then something will happen to dash them down again. BUT I think I can say out now without fear…
J is officially Potty trained!
J is 3 weeks diaper free (which has had a huge impact on the number of diapers we go through). He is 1 week with no accidents-at home and in public. We were able to go out last Wednesday for lunch and shopping with no accident to report. Yesterday at church J told me he had to “big Potty” with enought warning time to get things gathered up and get both boys shuffled to bathroom! Oh and he has stretches of night time dryness too. He is currently in a 4 night dry run right now-i had to throw the Pull-up away due to it being so tattered!
Now vacation will be the ultimately test with the 6 hour drive and waiting in lines. I kinda think he will be ok though. My pregnancy bladder has me going a lot and if I take J with me every time I have to go then he will have plenty of opprotunities to go.
I seriously can’t believe how smoothly it went after all the stress of attempting a year ago. I have learned my lesson and I will let E guide me rather trying to force it.


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