Why do moms feel the need

I am just as guilty as the next mom. But when I noticed today another mom doing it, I just felt bad for her. What was she doing you may ask? Well she was making an excuse. Yup that’s it. I hated seeing the judgement from the other lady that led to the excuse being made.
So here is the situation: I am next in check out line at Target around 11a. My two little ones were distracted with their snack containers. There was a lady behind me and then came a mom with a maybe 18-24month old son. The young mom’s son started to whimper-not a full cry but definitely letting the mom know he was no longer happy in his stroller. I couldn’t believe what happened next-well I can. I just don’t get why. The woman behind me in line looked at the poor bored toddler and then gave the mom a “why don’t you do something to shut your kid up” look! Then the mom did what a lot of moms end up doing…she gave the “he is late for his morning nap” excuse. The lady seemed satisfied with this excuse and turned back towards me.
I don’t get why we, as moms, feel the need to justify our kids behavior to strangers. A newborn hungry or a toddler delayed nap or whatever it may be. If that is the real reason, fine. But what if we said what the problem really was? “He is bored out of his mind cause I had to drag him away from his toys to get toilet paper”. Or maybe “I am making him walk like a big boy rather than carrying him like a baby when I am pregnant”. Or even maybe “I am trying to teach my son that he can’t have the candy/toy that displayed at his eye level just because he throws a tantrum”. What kind of reaction do you think would come then? I guess as a mom I feel the need to make the excuse of tired or hungry so I get left alone and they who judge can go back to their own business.
I now make a point if a frustrated mom passes me in a store and starts to make the excuse, I just smile, point to J & E, and tell them it is ok cause I have been there and still doing it.
So for all those who judge a crying baby…stop. Either you don’t understand or you have forgotten that babies, toddlers, and kids just can get cranky and whine. Adults get cranky too but have the vocabulary and ability to make it better.
Ok, rant over.


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