When I least expect it

I had a long day yesterday-it started out good with plans of a park playdate. But trying to get J to understand that he had to wear socks with his shoes to avoid his overwhelmingly stinky feet and that he had to go Potty before we could leave, I ended up dealing with a tantrum. I went to swing J up so I could carry him upstairs, like I usually do, I felt a sharp intense pain in my low back (which for the record I have had problems with on and off since high school). I dropped myself and J onto the landing. I couldn’t move. I ended up making J think it was a game to crawl upstairs to Potty.
Anyways we went to the park as planned and then later went grocery shopping (what?! Hurt back or not we needed food). I thought being active would keep my back loose to hopefully ease pain. It did just that until 6:30p. My back tightened up bad and I was nearly in tears putting kids to bed.So later when I called Husband to tell him I was going to bed, he offered to pick up a heat wrap thing. I wasn’t sure but realized later my back will be beyond tight if I tried to drive to Fresno without one-so I accepted his offer. Now Husband is amazing but romantic gesters are far and few in between. I am not complaining;in fact I kinda like it that way because then when I least expect it, this happens:


It means more. It means he went out of his way to show how much he cares. I love him 🙂 and so does my back.

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