Test run complete

I drove with the boys about a hour and a half down to see a friend. I hadn’t seen her since her wedding in June and we finally got our schedules to allow it. I was kinda nervous about how J would be giving me warning time on the drive and at a strange place. But…..
He did amazing! He told me that he had to go just as E finally fell asleep for his nap and as I drove passed an exit ramp and waited patiently as we drove to the nearest exit with a safe restroom. He made it to restroom with no accident to report.
Then, while we were visiting, J told me each time he had to go even though it was like every 30min due to all the water he drank on the way. J told me with plenty of warning and went confidently each time.
This means my test run of driving, warning time, and J’s Potty trained abilities was a huge success. He did so well I think the only think left to get is nighttime dryness-which for the record he has been for 2wks  (aside from 1night where he woke up in sweat and crying). I can’t believe J is really going on 1 whole month of being diaper free! He will definitely be so self-bathroom-going-sufficient if he goes to preschool next year.


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