Just need to comment

Okay, this is your fair warning: This post will be full of venting and flat-out snarky-ness to those people who really think these things…

So I was reading a post here (I am on my phone so I can’t figure out how to link it properly so you might have to search back to find out) about a comment made by a childless friend. The comment basically was how he was anti-shitty parents because a baby was crying during his whole 3 hour flight and the mom wasn’t making her baby stop crying. This led to a huge number of responses-most defending the mom and calling the guy a jerk. The said man defended himself saying that it wasn’t only the baby crying, but the older two siblings mimicking the baby and the mom with her headphones on not trying to comfort or stop the kids.

So first of all, I was about to comment like the other moms and say that this guy wasn’t being understanding of babies/toddlers. However with the clarification of the comment, I somewhat get his frustration.

Second, there was one comment that just stuck out like a sore thumb to me because I truly couldn’t understand how someone could rally think this. After all, I have made posts before on how some people don’t understand what it is like to not have family live right around you. I even made multiple posts on how nervous I was myself about flying with J and E across country. But this comment pretty much infuriated me: “Speaking as the mother of a four-month-old, I do have to say I’m still completely baffled by why anyone would fly with a baby. Ok, I get that there might be extenuating circumstances like having to go to a funeral, or you’re moving accross the country, or something like that, but there are way too many babies on planes to be covered by that, so I do wonder what those parents are thinking. It doesn’t excuse this person being a jerk about it, and it’s not the babies fault its crying, and of course the parents probably did whatever they could to stop it… but the best way to keep your baby from crying on a plane is not to fly with one. It’s called being considerate. You can wait for a vacation (how could you possibly relax on a vacation with a baby anyway?!). These are the sacrifices you need to consider before you become a parent.”

I will not curse but you will get my picture…What The H**L!!!!!! Being considerate is not flying with a baby? There are sacrifices you need to consider before being a parent? Is she being serious?!  So I live in California and my family lives in Nebraska/Texas and my in-laws live in Alabama/Washington- my kids should miss out because I am being considerate of other people on the plane?! Husband and I should try to use his rare two weeks of vacation a year to split between all the family and be able to have time to have immediate family bonding time? We should “sacrifice” by not taking our kids to see the family across country? WOW. I can’t believe someone would really believe it enough to post a comment like that.

With all that venting being said, I sincerely hope that the next time I trek across the country to visit family (may be awhile but I will one day do it again) that the people on my plane will understand I take every consideration possible in making sure my kids are happy and not crying.


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