Why is it?

Friends, family, and complete strangers all seem to have the same assumption. Because we have two boys already, we were trying/wanting a little girl. As I have said before, we made I forced Husband to be ok with the decision not to find out the gender of this little one. We found out with both boys and I always kinda liked the idea of having it be a true surprise. So because we didn’t find out the gender, the assumption is that I am carrying a girl. So why is it? Why do people assume that just because we decided to have a third baby and already have two boys that we are having a girl?

Maybe it’s because of the supposed “ideal happy family” consists of mom, dad, and two kids-one of each gender. I personally love the fact that J and E have each other and will be able to share “boy” interests together.

So I state for the record…Husband and I decided that we wanted to welcome another little one to our family- with no  desired gender in mind. IF this little one is a girl, I have a feeling Husband is going to be wrapped around her little finger (even more so than he is around J and E’s). I hope that she will be a good balance to the boy craziness that overwhelms our house now. IF this little one is a boy, I hope that he will find his own voice and will be a good play buddy. And let’s be honest we have more than enough boy clothes so the budget wouldn’t feel the pressure as much.


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